Planning bicycle trips is about gathering information and getting impressions to construct ideas for possible tours. Many of my tours are based on impressions found all over the internet, improved by helpful hints and spiced with some personal flavours.

Therefore I want to give some of my impressions and tips back to interested people. To do so, I had the <sarcasm on> innovative<sarcasm off> idea of putting down impressions, pictures and some hinds/tips on this webpage.

You can directly download the GPS-files of the respective tours or just use the GPS-files as an idea for possible routes. Please note, that I can not give any guarantee that the routes given in the files are up to date. In the meantime some roads might be closed, traffic might have increased or bicycles are banned from some roads.

Besides tracks from tours in Germany, Eastern Alps, Italy and any more there is also a blog (only in German!) with some posts „from the road“.

If you have any suggestions for improving the descriptions of the tours or any hints for people who would like to do the same tours please drop me an eMail (info at domain dot de)


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